Enrollment Phases

Enrollment for the upcoming 2021–2022 Academy Year will occur in two phases:

February 1, 2021 Re-enrollment begins for current Academy families only.  From February 1 through February 28, priority is given to current SRCCHA families for re-enrollment. 
March 1, 2021 Open enrollment begins for prospective Academy families.  Applications submitted by prospective SRCCHA families prior to March 1 will not be processed by the Registrar until March 1.

Note: the Application for Enrollment will be available here on our website on Monday, February 1, 2021


2021–22 Tuition & Fees have not yet been approved.


2020–21 Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $2,300 per student, per year. An additional $300 for any D1 or D2 student that selects a second elective.
Math Lab: $250 per student, per year
Application Fee: Cost is dependent on the number of students applying, when your application is submitted, and when your check is postmarked/received by the Registrar. See details in SRCCHA Enrollment Process below.
Applicant Testing Fee: $25 for new children entering K or G1.
Curriculum and supplies: Cost is dependent on grade level, except where noted on the curriculum list.

Cost is variable. See the “Dress Code Policy” in the Family Handbook for further information.


2020-2021 SRCCHA Enrollment Process

  1. Look over the information about our tutorial on this website to make sure it is the right fit for you family.  Have questions?, contact us about them.
  2. Read the Family Handbook (PDF Download) to know what we expect of our SRCCHA families.
  3. Fill out the online enrollment application.
  4. You will receive an immediate email confirmation after successfully submitting your online application.
  5. Send in your non-refundable application fee as a check made payable to “SRCCHA”,
    amount of check to be based on the following dates:
    • postmarked Feb 1 – Mar 31, 2019: $50/child or $100/family (max.)
    • postmarked Apr 1 – Jun 15, 2019: $100/child or $150/family (max.)
    • postmarked Jun 16 – Jul 15, 2019: $175/child or $225/family (max.)

      1) Mail your check to the SRCCHA Registrar – email srccha.registrar@gmail.com for the address.

      2) Current families may instead send in their check and confirmation page through their mail file.  Please place check in an envelope marked “From:  Your Name,  To:  Registrar / Zolnierek.”
  6. You will receive an email conformation once your application and fee have been processed.
  7. For Prospective families only:
    1. An interview may be scheduled
      • Meet Board members in an interview arranged by our Family Administrator to learn more about the Academy. Student(s)’s reading, writing, grammar, and Latin skills (if applicable) will be assessed.
      • After the interview, both parties will consider for a week if SRCCHA is a good fit.
      • If Board votes to accept, Registrar will email an invitation for you to join the Academy.
    2. Acceptance
      1. If you accept, secure your enrollment by signing the Covenant of Financial Commitment, link will be given, within 1 week of invitation.
      2. Registrar will confirm your enrollment via email.
  8. Attend the Orientation/Back to School Night at Severn Run EP Church, the last Monday in August.  Also on that evening, arrange tuition payments with the Treasurer by selecting one of the three payment options (as described in Family Handbook).  Attendance for all families is required.


Enrollment FAQ

Q:  I am having issues entering data into the form, what should I do?
A:   If you are able to submit the form successfully, go ahead and do that, then contact us directly with your issue.   If you are unable to submit the form,  use the link at the bottom of the form to save your progress and contact us directly with your issue.
Q:  I am unable to complete the application at this time, what should I do so I don’t lose my work?
A: Click the “Save and Continue Later” link at the bottom of the form.  You will get link that you can use to continue working on the form later without losing your work.  Note, your application is not considered submitted until you click the “Submit” button on the last page and you receive a submission confirmation.
Q:  I have some additional changes to my application, but I already submitted my application, what should I do?
A:  Contact us directly and explain the change you wish to make.  We will respond via email to confirm the change was made.

Q:  I submitted my application using the online form, what do I do next?
A:  You need to submit your application fee.  Please follow the instructions under “SRCCHA Enrollment Process.”
Q:  Does SRCCHA accept online payments for the enrollment application fee?
A:  Not yet, but we are looking into that option for future enrollment
Q:  Can I get a print-out of my completed application?
A:  After you submit your online application you can print it from the screen.  If you still need a copy please contact us directly and request a copy of your application.  We will email you an encrypted PDF copy of the application.
Q: Does SRCCHA share my personal  data with third parties?
A:  No.  Please see SRCCHA’s Privacy Policy for more details.