We are Classical

At Severn Run Classical Christian Homeschool Academy we incorporate classical methods of teaching that coincide with children’s learning stages as their minds develop during childhood. Classical education teaches children to ask questions, explore in depth, and to think for themselves.  We cultivate these learning tools by providing them the knowledge and skills needed to progress throughout their academic career in Grammar, Logic, and beyond to foster a lifelong love of learning.


We provide Classical Education in a variety of ways

  1. Each subject is taught using the Trivium method of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.
  2. Vertical integration combines multiple subjects within each grade level.
  3. Horizontal integration progresses logically through subjects in advancing grades.
  4. Students begin Latin in the third grade and continue through Dialectic.
  5. We use classical teaching methods at the tutorial and home days.
  6. We incorporate classical curriculum with a Christian worldview into each subject and grade level.


Classical Incorporation

1. Trivium:

Classical Education historically focuses on teaching based on a student’s learning abilities as he grows.  During the Grammar years, memorization comes easily, so students memorize facts, figures, dates through jingles, songs, poems and more. During the Dialectic stage, students learn to integrate the knowledge they memorized in Grammar, beginning to articulate it in debate. Rhetoric students broaden their knowledge, focusing on persuasively expressing themselves well.

2. Vertical Integration:

Each grade level studies a specific time period of History, reinforced in summer reading assignments, English class book selections and writing assignments given throughout the year.

3. Horizontal Integration:

As students advance through the trivium, the curriculum progresses logically with a four-year pattern starting in G1 and repeating three times throughout their classical journey. This allows students to follow a historical, literary and scientific sequence, each time going more in depth and building the trivium progression from creation to modern day.

  • History: Students progress through the history timeline two times:
    Ancient – Medieval – Explorers, Early Modern – Modern
  • English: Students read works from and about their historical time period; their writing assignments also focus on their time period.
  • Science: Students progress through Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science two times:
    G1: Anatomy, Biology & Zoology; G2: Chemistry & Physics; G3: Astronomy G4: Botany; G5: Chemistry; G6: Physics; D1: Anatomy & Biology; D2: Astronomy and Earth Science

4. Latin:

Students begin Latin in Grammar 3 continuing till Dialectic 2. Latin gives Students the foundation of the structure and interpretation of language which can advance them in English, problem solving skills, and science terminology.  Students can then apply what they have learned towards any of the Romance Languages and gives them a strong foundation for other languages as well as a boost for College level testing like SAT or ACTS.

5. Classical Methods:

Each stage of the Trivium focuses on teaching the children according to their learning strengths and capabilities as they advance in age and knowledge. In the Grammar stage the focus is on memorization – learning all the facts. This is done primarily through chants, rhymes, and songs as well as role-play, in class and year end presentations. In Logic stage the students begin to learn the rules that go along with the facts that they have learned. They begin to dialogue, ask questions, and learn Logic, Debating and continue to work on their writing skills. In the Rhetoric stage everything the students have learned is all brought together and the students advance in their speaking, debating and writing. They can articulate thoughts on a given topic in a well written or spoken manner and work on a thesis to present to a panel and defend.

6. Classical Curriculum and Christian worldview:

At SRCCHA we strive to use Classical texts, curriculum, and methods to give our Students a strong academic foundation and love of learning.  We carefully choose our curriculum to stay consistent to a God–created universe and Christian worldview as our lens for viewing and learning about our world and everything in it.