Rhetoric (9th & 10th Grades)
Rhetoric is the third stage of the trivium. It is the stage culminating the knowledge learned in the grammar stage and the understanding gained in the dialectic stage.
At SRCCHA, the Rhetoric classes meet on  Wednesdays, with homework assigned for the other days of the week.

 2016 – 2017 Schedule of Rhetoric Classes:

1st   8:00 – 9:15       Geometry
2nd  9:20 – 10:35     English Literature
3rd  10:40 – 11:55    Western Civilizations
      12:00 – 12:20    Lunch
4th  12:25 – 1:40      Biology
5th  1:45 – 3:00        Rhetoric I
Q. What subjects are covered in R1 (9th Grade)?
A. Full day tuition includes: Biology, Rhetoric I, English Literature and Western Civilization.  Geometry can be added as an Extended Day option.
Q. What subjects are covered in R2 (10th Grade)?
A. Full day tuition includes: Chemistry, Rhetoric II, English Literature and American Government.  Algebra II can be added on as an Extended Day option.
Q. Is Latin a pre-requisite for enrollment in Rhetoric level classes?
A. No, Latin is part of the standard curriculum in G3-G6 (3rd – 6th grades) and offered as an optional study in D1 and D2 (7th-8th grades), but a background in Latin is not required for the Rhetoric classes.
Q. What is the tuition?
A. Full day tuition is $1,875 for four classes. Math can be added for $375. Application and tuition information is located here
Q. Can students enroll in only one class?
A. Yes. Classes may be taken a la carte for $475 per class.
Q. Are there lab fees for the science classes?
A. Yes. In addition to tuition, Chemistry and Biology have an additional $50 lab fee.
Q. Are tuition and fees refundable if we stop attending?
A. Unfortunately no. We contract with tutors based on enrollment and rely on tuition to cover their salaries. Tuition and fees are only refunded if Severn Run has to cancel a class due to lack of enrollment.